Colours make you blind

Steve | 11 April 2021


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Achilles and the Tortoise, a Hofstatder Dialogue.

Steve | 24 July 2020

Mr. Tortoise has been confined to a large cell in a sweedish prison these past few days, having been turned in by his trusted alley Achillies. ‘Rrrrriiiinnnggg’, it’s 6:05 am and the bleary eyed Mr. Tortoise picks up the phone from beside his bed.

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Distribution of weight of each term in the exponential function.

Steve | 06 April 2020

Consider the exponential function

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Investigating Gaussian Integers

Steve | 19 July 2019

Hey found this cute problem on project euler: Investigating Gaussian Integers and I was missing writing proofs so I wrote out my solution and prooved that my algorithem worked. Here is the script that computes the answer, it’s in python and runs in under 2 minuits, and here is the solution and proof int the git repo and here it is again - actually embedding a pdf into the site is gonna take more than 5 minuits so i gotta go and do work follow this link to find out more and this one too presented more or less nicely....

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3 Blue 1 Brown Counting Puzzle

Steve | 16 January 2019

This is a problem a friend of mine and I had a go at in January which was pretty fun. Check out the 3 blue 1 brown video and here is the solution which we found before the solution video was released :)

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